Tréguier – a tale of two cities

Tréguier, a pretty ville de caractère, or city of character, is the capital of the Trégor, in the west of the Côtes d’Armor (22). It is famous for its beautiful cathedral, and its 15th and 16th colombages houses, with picturesque wooden beams. Thanks to its river port with easy access to the Channel, the cityContinue reading “Tréguier – a tale of two cities”

The coast of South Finistère (5/6)

Further along the coast, you hit the baie d’Audierne. The landscape is huge in all directions. The sky, the sea, the land feel infinite. The sand dune and the beach stretch almost to the horizon. During the day, the sun dazzles and burns, creates a haze. The light clouds move at speed. Only at nightContinue reading “The coast of South Finistère (5/6)”


This week, I will try and explain laïcité, a very French concept, very current, and one often misunderstood abroad. In short, laïcité is the principle of absolute separation between state and religion. Religion is seen as a matter of opinion, strictly private. As such, the State protects its citizens’ freedom of conscience, and forbids anyoneContinue reading “Laïcité”