The two sides of Annecy

In Annecy, a random change of perspective made me re-consider my whole impression of the place. I was drawn to Annecy after people told me of the turquoise waters of its lake, its beautiful mountain landscape and its fantastic outdoor sport scene. As I drew closer, all I saw was a town built around cars.Continue reading “The two sides of Annecy”

The Nantes-to-Brest canal and the land of Brittany

The technological advances gave nineteenth century people the sort of faith that can moves mountains. The canal connects Brest – the strategic military harbour at the westernmost tip of France, to Nantes, the historical capital of Brittany, and to the Loire valley. The Aulne is the first of five rivers whose courses were canalised. TheContinue reading “The Nantes-to-Brest canal and the land of Brittany”