Monsters, saints, queens, and shipwrecks

The Coast of Legends is dotted with shoals, rocks, islets, islands, peninsulas. Some islands are accessible on foot at low tide still, if you don’t mind risking wet feet. Rocks seem to rise up to the ocean. Mounds, towers of huge granite boulders won’t budge for waves or sea spray. Some look like petrified monsters,Continue reading “Monsters, saints, queens, and shipwrecks”

Pointe Saint Mathieu

The fabulously named Côte des Légendes, Coast of Legends, sits on the North-West tip of Brittany. From Pointe Saint-Mathieu to Roscoff, sea and land wrestle with each other and create an incredible mosaic of landscapes. The Brittany monster (see here) has been in a lot of fights; its ancient nose is full of scars, wounds,Continue reading “Pointe Saint Mathieu”