The French art of conversation

The French are famous across the world for their love of debate (some say, their love of arguing). So let me explain how to think (and argue) like the French. Let us start with an example of how the French take a compliment. Person A says to person B “Your hair looks lovely today”. PersonContinue reading “The French art of conversation”

Simple comme bonjour

Literally “As simple as “Hello”, this phrase is the French equivalent to “as easy as one, two, three”. Except greetings in French are actually quite hard to navigate, and you often feel awkward at first. Trust me when I say, it isn’t because of your inadequacies in French. It’s true for French people too. Let’sContinue reading “Simple comme bonjour”

Le covid or la covid?

For everybody around the world who struggles to speak French correctly, by which they tend to mean “accurately”, hope is out there. And no, I am not selling a piece of code that magically helps you jump through the hoops, twists, turns, quirks and exceptions of French. What I have found out, upon my returnContinue reading “Le covid or la covid?”