“Such a romantic language!”

I have been told numerous times that French was the most romantic language, and, to be frank, it has always puzzled me. Let me explain. When it comes to the language, it is clear that French has given English, and other languages for that matter a plethora of words relating to romance and sex. “Affair”,Continue reading ““Such a romantic language!””

My favourite accent

As a teacher of French, I should not have a favourite accent. It is almost like confessing to having a favourite child, it is not socially acceptable. But I do have a favourite. Let me celebrate accents in general. One of the main barriers when learning French as a foreign language is the seemingly tenuousContinue reading “My favourite accent”

Le covid or la covid?

For everybody around the world who struggles to speak French correctly, by which they tend to mean “accurately”, hope is out there. And no, I am not selling a piece of code that magically helps you jump through the hoops, twists, turns, quirks and exceptions of French. What I have found out, upon my returnContinue reading “Le covid or la covid?”