In a peninsula far far away… (3/4)

Military boats are a constant presence on the west coast of Crozon. As the locals say, “Ils font des ronds dans l’eau“, “they go around in the water”. As I visited the Pointe de Penhir, the western tip of Crozon, a training exercise was going on. The grey, angular shapes of the boats echoed theContinue reading “In a peninsula far far away… (3/4)”

The coast of South Finistère (5/6)

Further along the coast, you hit the baie d’Audierne. The landscape is huge in all directions. The sky, the sea, the land feel infinite. The sand dune and the beach stretch almost to the horizon. During the day, the sun dazzles and burns, creates a haze. The light clouds move at speed. Only at nightContinue reading “The coast of South Finistère (5/6)”